Fishing at Twynersh

Our affordable private lakes offer a relaxing day of fishing in beautiful surroundings.

7 Lakes to choose from

Each stocked with a variety of fish, it's guaranteed we'll have the perfect spot here for you.

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Welcome to Twynersh Fishing Complex

The Fishery is situated in Chertsey, Surrey and is based on the site of an old gravel works that were excavated in the 70's. Left to mature on their own for a number of years they have since the late 80's been landscaped and developed into the complex we have today.

The grounds within this complex are carefully maintained to offer the angler easy access and parking while still allowing the abundant wildlife a place to reside. In January 2004 the Twynersh was selected as a site of nature conservation importance by the Surrey Wildlife Trust.

The fishery within its perimeter fence covers an area of approximately 44 acres and features 8 gravel pits of varying sizes.

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