Twynersh Lakes - Pit Two

Pit 2 Details

  • Pit Two Size : 2.4 acre
  • Total number of swims : 14
  • Depths : 0.5-5 Meters Approx
  • Features : Gravel bars, Sandy Plateaux's, Snags & Lily Beds
  • Stock : Mainly Carp but with some Bream
    1. Carp - 38 lb
    2. Bream - 10 lb
    3. Roach - 2.5 lb
    4. Tench - 7 lb
    5. Pike - 18 lb
    6. Perch - 2 lb
pit two

More Info:

At present this is one of the main carp waters on the venue, well stocked with mirrors & commons the average size of which goes to 20 lb.

There has been recorded 5 different 30's up to 38lb. Corn and maggot take more than their fair share of the good fish. Ledgered bollie over particles around the snags can prove to be the way in the right conditions

If the fish are up, try a zig rig or floating bait. Pike fishing is allowed on this pit from Oct 1st-Mar 31st.

NOTE-Barbless hooks only and make sure your rig is safe. No tether rigs here please.