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Pit Five Details:

2024 Pit Five Project

We intend on draining the lake down, raising the levels to 6ft, removing the current fish stocks and re-stocking with predominantly Crucian carp, F1s and a few Tench too  With a few lily pads and redesigned swims, we hope to make this a paradise for match and pleasure anglers alike.

Pit Five Size : 0.5 acre   Total number of swims : 8   Depths : 0.5 – 4 Meters Approx   Stock : In Winter 2019 800lb of bream to 14lb and around 300lb of roach to 3lb were added plus all the existing stock that was present, most carp have been removed but there is a few carp and pike still present.

  • Carp - 20 lb
  • Pike - 10 lb
  • Bream - 6 lb

Pit Five Fishing Stock

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Pit Five Fishing Stock

Pit 5 is the smallest lake on the complex and fished from only one side, floater fishing close to the overhanging trees can be very productive for the carp. Corn fished on a method feeder could prove successful for the bream

Pike fishing is allowed on this pit from Oct 1st-Mar 31st

NOTE-Barbless hooks only and make sure your rig is safe. No tether rigs here please.

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