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Pit Five Details:

Pit Five Size : 0.5 acre
Total number of swims : 6
Depths : 0.5 – 4 Meters Approx
Features : Overhanging Trees with some Snags
Stock : Mainly Carp & Bream with some small Pike & Silvers

  • Carp - 20 lb
  • Pike - 10 lb
  • Bream - 6 lb

Pit Five Fishing Stock

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Pit Five Fishing Stock

Pit 5 is the smallest lake on the complex and fished from only one side, floater fishing close to the overhanging trees can be very productive for the carp.
Corn fished on a method feeder could prove successful for the bream

Pike fishing is allowed on this pit from Oct 1st-Mar 31st

NOTE-Barbless hooks only and make sure your rig is safe.
No tether rigs here please.

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