Massive Stocking this Winter

We’re both delighted and rather excited to announce that VSF will be supplying the team at Twynersh Fishing Complex with plenty of new carp this winter and over the coming years.

VSF and the Twynersh team have designed a stocking program to take the complex forward and ensure it develops into the fantastic complex it is destined to be now its under new management. The lakes haven’t had any significant stocking for over a decade and VSF are delighted to have been chosen to put this right.

The stocking will include introductions of C4, C5 and C6 year classes across the complex. The biggest stocking will be into Pit 6 which will see another 60 fish added upto low 20s!

Predator fishing memberships now available

Whether it’s lure fishing, dead-baiting or drop-shotting, there’s a few predator memberships still remaining so grab yours today.

“Tackle Shop” Coming Soon

The Twynersh Tackle Shop is taking shape, so get ready for some new and exciting products, baits and fishing essentials for the ultimate in fishing convenience.

Twynersh Fisheries – Site Works

Starting early November, Twynersh Fisheries will be undergoing a wide array of site works to improve access for visitors and patrons. This will include the rebuilding of swims, tree works to encompass preservation and pruning, landscaping and general site improvements.

During this time lakes will be netted to check and replenish stocks if required.

Pit Changes

Pit 5
Due to a growing demand, we are planning to make Pit 5 a dedicated match lake. Under this transition all the Carp will be removed and relocated to other pits.

Pit 6
In addition to Pit 5 changes, we are planning to convert Pit 6 to an exclusive “bookings only” lake with swims for up to eight anglers and will be stocked to ensure a good head of fish.