Members Information

Membership information

Opening Hours:

Day Tickets: 7am – 5.30pm (Light Permitting) (Last Ticket 2 Hours Before Closing)

Now open 7 days a week

Platinum Membership (Full Membership) £750.00 (Over 18) - Includes 3 rods with full access to the complex 24/7
Gold Membership £500.00 Includes 3 rods with full 24/7 access to the complex - No Pit 3
Silver Membership £400.00 Includes 3 rods with access to all areas of the site EXCEPT for Pit 3 - No nights
Winter Gold Membership £200.00 Available from October 1st - 31st March

OAPs and Disabled Anglers receive 10% off. We currently do NOT allow anglers under the age of 18 to join as members. *Under 18s can still fish on a day ticket during normal opening times* but must be accompanied by an adult at ALL times Membership places are limited to 100 members plus 30 Predator Only Members.

Additional Membership Benefits

  • 10% off at the tackle shop
  • 5% off at Café on the Lake
  • Exclusive use of the showers
  • 4 guest passes per year (excluding Pit 3)

Membership Fishery Rules

  • NO Dogs in the Fishery
  • Barbless Hooks Only ( Micro barbed in pit 3 only)
  • NO Braided Main Line
  • NO 360 Rigs
  • NO Keepnets or Sacks
  • NO Nut Baits
  • NO Open Fires or BBQs only on members lakes, disposable BBQs to be raised off the ground
  • Radios are allowed but please keep them to a minimum so as to not disturb other anglers
  • DO NOT fish 2 different Pits at the same time
  • Carp care kit to be carried by ALL members.
  • NO person to use any boat without prior permission
  • NO firearms of any sort including BB guns
  • Keep lights to a minimum at night
  • Pike Fishing between 1st October – 31st March
  • Large Mat or Cradle MUST be used (MINIMUM size landing net of 42” When Carp Fishing) ON PIT 1 AND OLD MATCH LAKE
  • The use of Motor vehicles is not permitted between the hours of 21:00 to 05:30
  • Maximum stay in any swim will be 7 days, you must then change Pits (No Return Within 24 hours)
  • Reserving swims with Fishing Tackle or Bucket and leaving the fishery before starting fishing is NOT permitted
  • Maximum time away from an occupied swim is 3 Hours
  • Day Only members are restricted to Sunrise - Sunset (7 Days A Week)
  • Full Members may access the fishery from 06:00 to 21:00 (7 Days A Week)
  • DO NOT open the gate outside of the permitted times (Unless In Emergency)
  • ONE Non fishing guest are permitted with a member at any time but must arrive in the same vehicle if the fishery is closed
  • Membership plaques must be displayed at all times while fishing
  • Full Members may use Max 3 Rods
  • Day Members my use Max 2 Rods
  • Clear your swim of all rubbish (Including Cigarette Butts & Line)
  • Any person found defecating around the fishery will lose their ticket immediately (WITHOUT REFUND)
  • Any member caught handing out gate codes to a non member will result in an instant ban
  • All members are asked to fish with due consideration to all other members at all times
  • Any seen letting a non member on to the fishery in or after hours will result in an instant ban

Failure to abide by the Fishery Rules could lead to a termination of your Membership / Ticket WITHOUT REFUND

In order to keep our fish in top condition regular checks will be made to hooks, rigs and equipment being used, if you are unsure please ask the bailiff. Please make sure your landing net is a suitable size for the fish you wish to catch.