Pit three members only

Pit Three Details:

Pit Three Size : 3.5 acres
Total number of swims : 12
Depths : 1 – 4.5 Meters Approx
Features : 2 Islands, Gravel bars, Overhanging Trees, Snags & Lily Beds
Stock : Mainly Carp

  • Carp - 44 lb
  • Pike - 20 lb

Pit Three Fishing Stock

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Pit Three Fishing Stock

This is one of our Member Only pits with both Common & Mirror Carp present, Fish upto 44 lb have been recorded and there are also big Roach & Perch present.

Pike fishing is allowed on this pit from Oct 1st-Mar 31st.

NOTE-Barbless hooks only and make sure your rig is safe.
No tether rigs here please.

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