Twynersh Fishing Complex News

2024 and Beyond

It’s now been just over 5 years since the new owners bought the complex.  I am sure you would all agree that a lot of work and investment has gone into making the fishery something special.  There’s still more to come….

Pit 5:  As soon as the ground allows, our next main project will be to reform P5.  We intend on draining the lake down, raising the levels to 6ft, removing the current fish stocks and re-stocking with predominantly Crucian carp and F1s.  (With a few Tench too.)  With a few lily pads and redesigned swims, we hope to make this a paradise for match and pleasure anglers alike.

Pit 3:  We want to keep Pit 3 as natural as possible, but we do intend on making the swim areas more defined with clear boundaries and a more level area to fish from.

Pit 4:  Once we have completed the works on P5 we then intend to move onto P4.  In 2022 we began work levelling off the lake making it between 6-8ft throughout but we still need to finish the area by the roadside bank.  We will then need to work on the swims and a restocking programme.  Once complete we will then decide what kind of lake this will become whether it be day ticket, members, or a form of exclusive booking. (This is TBC.  It is unlikely that P4 will be fishable during 2024 and more likely to be ready by early 2025.)

The shop: We have been granted planning permission for a new shop!  We are working on how to proceed and hope to have further news soon.  The plan is to open a much larger shop with far more tackle and bait to choose from.

The Café:  Along with the new shop will come a new Café!  We hope to offer a sit in service as well as delivery to your bivvy!

Toilets / Showers:  We plan on building 1 – 2 toilet blocks during 2024 to replace the current Portaloos.  We will also build new luxury toilets and showers by the shop when this is re-built.

And finally…. The fish!  We have a great stock of fish at Twynersh, and we have a breeding programme in place, but we will likely re-stock later in the year to ensure those catch reports keep coming in.

Regards and thanks from the Twynersh team.