With effect from 31 March 2024


1. Management reserves the right to refuse entry.

2. Anglers fish at Twynersh Fishing Complex at their OWN RISK. The owners do not accept any liability for injury to anglers or their guests, or theft or damage to anglers’ property.
3. Guests and members must follow any reasonable request from management. Management decisions are final.
4. All anglers must have a valid Environment Agency fishing rod licence. This must be shown when requested by a bailiff/fishery manager.
5. Alcohol can be consumed in moderation.
6. We operate a zero tolerance drugs policy.
7. Antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in guests or members being asked to leave the complex with forfeiture of ticket or membership.
8. We have a zero tolerance to abuse, verbal or physical to any staff member or other anglers.
9. Radios allowed but noise in general must be kept to a minimum, so others are not disturbed.
10. Maximum 30 minutes unloading time by your swim. Vehicles must then be moved and parked in a car park.
11. Site speed limit – 10 mph.
12. Members toilet and shower are strictly for members only.  Other toilets on site are available for guests.
13. No reserving of swims, bucketing a swim whilst unloading allowed for up to 30 mins.
14. Mats, cradles, nets, keepnets and slings must be dipped in our tanks on arrival.  NO EXCEPTIONS
15. Tethered Fish – Please contact a bailiff / fishery manager immediately.
16. All carp over 25lbs must be reported to the bailiff / fishery manager.
17. During spawning periods, anglers must comply with any request to stop angling or to fish in areas without spawning activity. As soon as activity is stopped anglers will be invited to recommence fishing.
18. Swim rotation is strictly prohibited.
19. Bivvies only – No camping tents will be permitted.
20. BBQs are permitted but must be off the floor – No Disposable BBQ’s.  Charcoal must be properly disposed of when cold.
21. Juniors (under 16’s) must be always accompanied by an adult.      
22. Zig rigs – 1 rod maximum.
23. Rubbish must be disposed of in the bins provided or taken home.
24. No dogs or pets.
25. No surface fishing on Pit 1.
26. Keepnets are allowed for silver fish with prior permission from management.
27. Pike fishing is only permitted between 1st October until 31st March.
28. 2 Rods maximum per day ticket angler.
29. 15lb minimum line for all carp / specimen fishing.
30. No Carp Sacks – Retention slings only. (Retainers can be used for a maximum of 1 hour.)
31. 42” / 50” Landing net required for all carp / specimen fishing.
32. Carp cradles with sides are required for all carp / specimen fishing.
33. Photographing of fish should be done over mat/cradle kneeling. No standing.
34. Water bucket required for all carp / specimen fishing.
35. Carp care kit required for all carp / specimen fishing.
36. Never leave rods unattended (no leaving the swim area.)
37. Barbless hooks only.
38. No fixed lead rigs.
39. No leaders or lead core.
40. No 360 Rigs.
41. No Magic Twig.
42. No braided mainlines.
43. No nut baits this includes tiger nuts.
44. No bait boats.
45. No live baiting.
46. No fish are to be introduced or removed from the complex.
47. No swimming or wading under any circumstances.
48. Do not climb trees or damage/cut down bank-side vegetation.
49. No refunds on tickets