Pit seven day tickets

Pit Seven Details:

Pit Seven Size: 2 acre
Total number of swims : 14
Depths : 0.5 – 3.25 Meters Approx
Features : Island, Sandy Plateaux’s, Overhanging Trees, Snags & Lily Beds
Stock : Carp, Bream, Pike & Silvers

  • Carp - 32 lb
  • Pike - 15 lb
  • Bream - 10 lb

Pit Seven Fishing Stock

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Pit Seven Fishing Stock

Recently stocked in November 2017 with carp ranging from 9 lb to 15 lb its hoped this pit will prove to be one of the complex foremost day ticket venues, with multiple catches possible during the day in the right conditions similar to Pit 1.

Night Fishing Is Permitted On This Lake

Pike fishing is allowed on this pit from Oct 1st-Mar 31st.

NOTE-Barbless hooks only and make sure your rig is safe.
No tether rigs here please.

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